What is a Foster Parent?

Foster care is accepting a pet into your family and providing a loving, caring environment until we can move them to a more permanent facility. Being a foster parent can be a great alternative for animal lovers who cannot make a long-term commitment to a pet, or for those who already have pets and are looking for ways to help save more lives.

Why Does paws to care Need Foster Parents?

We rely on our foster parents to nurture and care for our animals until they can be transported to a rescue. The more foster parents we have, the more animals we can rescue. The more animals we pull from the shelter, the more space is available at the animal shelter, which then lowers the euthanasia rate.

How Does Fostering Work?
  • Our foster coordinator will contact our foster parents when there is a pet in need of a temporary home.
  • We provide as much information about the pets as we can, but we do not always know what to expect as they come straight from the shelter and we rely on information from the shelter.
  • We pay for all approved vet care, and in most cases, they have been vetted before coming to your home.
  • Our foster coordinator will contact our foster parents when a transport to a rescue for the pet is available.
  • Depending on your location, you may need to meet a transport driver to pick up and drop off your foster pet.

Sometimes you may fall in love with your foster and wish to adopt them and make them part of your family forever. This happens pretty frequently, but because our animals are on their way to a rescue and we do not process adoptions to the public, adoption must be processed through the rescue.

We do ask while fostering that you agree to keep any fostered animal secure and safe from harm. When outside, the foster animal should be on a leash unless within the confines of a secure fence. The foster animal will sleep inside and not be left outside when caregiver is not home. If a kennel is desired during foster, Paws to Care will provide upon request.

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